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CO2 REMOVED - 115,500 kgs


Plant trees. Plant coral. Educate young people.


 £1 TO PLANT 1 TREE. £1 TO PLANT 1 CORAL. £1 to educate 100 people.

       Just One tree

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Why support Just One tree?

You can help counter climate change by planting trees that absorb CO2.​ Every tree you plant through ESOOKO will absorb 12.3 kgs of CO2 every year.

The fashion industry cuts down over 100 million trees a year to make new clothes. So you can help repair the damage fashion has done by planting new trees.


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Why support coralive.org?

You can help counter climate change by restoring Coral Reefs. They play a crucial role in our environment. 25% of all marine life depends on the coral reefs.

The fashion industry is contributing to the destruction of the coral reefs. The huge amounts of CO2 produced by the industry heat the sea, which kills coral.

More on Coralive.org


Why support Wear the Movement?

Fast fashion is destroying our planet. Many people are not aware of how harmful it is for the environment. You can change this by funding education.​

You can help fund events and a media campaign that encourages young people to go slow with fashion and be kinder to our planet and shows them how to do this.

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