Step up Your Product Photography: Tips for Sellers – Options / questions

This month we’re celebrating world photo day! What better way to do this than some tips and tricks on increasing your sales through photography? We know that not everyone is a professional photographer, so we’ve come up with 5 simple tricks for you to take the perfect product shot for your listings.


  • Make sure you’re using natural light when taking your photos; this gives the customer the most realistic view of your item and makes for the best photos.
  • If you want to use professional lighting, this doesn’t have to be too expensive! There are start up softboxes and flatpack lighting kits online.
  • Using indoor lighting or any other kind of lighting can give an unrealistic version of your item, changing the colours and definitely not looking as clear as natural lighting.
  • Get outdoors! Flat-laying or modelling items outside in nature is a great way to show off your items.
Outdoor fashion

Modelled Shots

  • Having your item modelled means your buyer can see what it looks like on, this will 100% help when securing a sale.
  • Get out and be creative! There are so many amazing ways to style your item, think about how the buyer is imagining they will wear it. Think about what other items would be best styled to show off your item.
  • This can either be the main way you list items or just an extra photo alongside your product photos to show how the item fits!
Man standing white Adidas t shirt
Person standing Nike crop top


  • Make sure you focus on the details of your item! These are the unique and individual aspects of your item that are so important and draw buyers to your listings.
  • Photographing these details in the best light possible will show off these amazing details and give your customer that final push to complete the sale.


  • Having a consistent theme/aesthetic to your feed is super important, this gives your shop an identity, a brand.
  • Using the same photography background or even the same way in which you photograph your items, e.g using the same angles each time.
  • Consistency will help grow your brand’s identity and aesthetic and in-turn, make your shop more recognisable
  • This also helps with customers returning to shop with you again!


  • Keep it simple!
  • A smooth, white background will keep your photos looking super clean and professional.
  • If you do want to make your background individual and unique, make sure the attention and focus is still on the garment.
  • Get outside and be creative, how about a concrete floor or even grass? Natural lighting can make most backgrounds look great against your item!